Stem Cell Procedures for the Shoulder

Shoulder Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Procedures for the Shoulder, TPL Orthopedics and Sports MedicinePeople who have experienced a rotator cuff tear or suffer from pain in the shoulder arising due to arthritis, tendenosis, tendonitis, or bursitis may benefit from stem cell non-surgical treatment. A growing number of patients now report sustainable relief from their shoulder pain and immobility following stem cell procedure.

Board certified orthopedic surgeons at the Thomas & Bigler Knee & Shoulder Institute provide advanced and innovative solutions such as stem cell therapy for shoulder problems to patients in Las Vegas, Nevada, and other communities and cities around this major and famous American city.


Surgical treatments to correct shoulder problems can be particularly challenging because of the complexity of the shoulder joint. Post-operative recovery can be long and painful, involving an extended rehab period to restore shoulder movement and strength.

Looking at these difficulties, more patients are now choosing stem cell therapy as an alternative to shoulder surgery to help mitigate shoulder pain and restore joint damage in a non-invasive manner. The injectable stem cell therapy typically involves little to no downtime and no post-treatment discomfort.

Stem cell therapy will also avoid all the typical risks and complications that are associated with any surgical procedure, such as blood clotting, infection, or numbness. Working people particularly prefer non-surgical solutions such as stem cell therapy because they can avoid going through a prolonged recovery phase.

Repair of Rotator Cuff Tears with Stem Cell Therapy

Same-day stem cell and platelet procedures can be used effectively to repair rotator cuff tears. The therapy will increase the regenerative potential of the rotator cuff, and stop any further damage of the area that may occur due to tissue weakness. Employing the patient’s own stem cells and growth factors, the surgeon can introduce the body’s natural repair agents directly into the rotator cuff tear area with precise, image guided injections.

The stem cells will mobilize the body’s own healing mechanisms and avoid the trauma of surgery and atrophy caused by immobilization. Stem cell therapy has been producing success outcomes in the treatment of partial rotator cuff tears, and has even show encouraging results in case of complete retracted tears.


The stem cell treatment involves harvesting the body’s reserve of stem cells from the back of the hip area, and re-injecting them into the rotator cuff injury area to promote tissue repair and reverse degeneration. The procedure can be performed in the surgeon’s office using ultrasound or other image guiding techniques for precision.

The donor site will be numbed before the surgeon inserts a special needle to draw out the marrow blood contain stem cells. This collected blood goes through a special centrifugal process to separate concentrated and purified stem cells. Depending on the specific nature of the shoulder damage or injury, the surgeon will customize the stem cell specimen.

Concentrated blood platelets are also collected at this time for injecting into the shoulder injury site. The PRP growth factors stimulate the stem cells to start the natural repair process of the damaged tissue. Board certified orthopedic surgeons Dr. Steven Thomas and Dr. Gregory Bigler receive patients from Las Vegas, Nevada, and nearby areas for stem cell therapy.

If you would like to schedule an appointment or learn more about the Knee and Shoulder Institute procedures & treatments performed by Las Vegas, Nevada board certified surgeons Steven C. Thomas, MD and Gregory T. Bigler, MD. call (702) 933-9393; Physical Therapy (702) 933-9393.

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