Shoulder Arthritis

Shoulder Arthritis Treatment

Shoulder Arthritis, TPL Orthopedics and Sports MedicineMore than 50 million people in the country are affected by arthritis. The shoulder in the human body is one of the most sensitive areas. Pain and inflammation are major symptoms of arthritis in the area. There are several treatment options available even though there is no definite cure for arthritis for reducing pain and stiffness.

Thomas & Bigler Knee and Shoulder Institute, led by board certified orthopedic surgeons Dr. Steven C. Thomas and Dr. Gregory T. Bigler, provides orthopedic surgery to patients in Las Vegas, Nevada, while also serving areas such as greater Pahrump, Bullhead City, Lake Havasu, and Mesquite, NV.

Types of Shoulder Arthritis

Shoulder arthritis is of varying types. Each comes with its own option for treatment:

  • Osteoarthritis: This is a condition in which the smooth outer covering of the bone is destroyed. The cartilage wears away and the space between the bones is reduced. This causes the bones to rub against each other.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis: This affects almost all joints in the body. RA usually affects the joints on one side and causes the synovium lining to swell and cause stiffness and pain. RA is an autoimmune condition, which means the body’s immune cells make the joints weaker.
  • Posttraumatic Arthritis: This type of osteoarthritis comes after an injury to the shoulder.
  • Rotator Cuff Tear Arthropathy: This is a long-lasting rotator cuff tendon tear. Friction is created between the acromion and the humerus. Intense weakness and pain can be created by the friction which limits arm movement.
  • Avascular Necrosis: Interrupted blood supply to the humerus can result in this condition. Bone cells can die without ample blood supply causing the shoulder joint to break down. AVN may occur because of heavy alcohol consumption, steroid use, shoulder fracture, and sickle cell disease.

Types of Treatment

Shoulder arthritis can be treated through surgical and nonsurgical options.

Nonsurgical Options

Your orthopedic surgeon will first run all nonsurgical treatment options by you before suggesting surgical options. Nonsurgical options include:

  • Rest
  • Icing
  • Physical therapy
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs)
  • Moist heat

Surgical Treatment Procedure

Your physician will recommend surgical treatment if your shoulder arthritis doesn’t improve. The following options may be recommended for you depending on the extent and severity of your condition:

  • Arthroscopy: This is generally suggested for mild glenohumeral arthritis. Small incisions are made to insert a tiny camera into the shoulder joint. This is to help the surgeon debride or clean out the inside of the shoulder joint. It helps in providing pain relief.
  • Shoulder joint replacement (arthroplasty): Shoulder replacement goes a long way in treating advanced glenohumeral arthritis. This is where prosthetics are used to replace damaged shoulder parts. Hemiarthroplasty, total shoulder arthroplasty, and reverse total shoulder arthroplasty are a few options.
  • Resection arthroplasty: This is the most used procedure for treating arthritis of the acromioclavicular joint. Small portion of the bone will be removed from the end of the collarbone to leave some space for the scar tissue.

The appropriate procedure will be determined by the physician. Orthopedic surgeons Dr. Thomas and Dr. Bigler receive patients from Las Vegas, Nevada as well as greater Pahrump, Bullhead City, Lake Havasu, and Mesquite, NV for orthopedic surgery.

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