How long is recovery for ACL surgery?

How long is recovery for ACL surgery?, TPL Orthopedics and Sports MedicineThe recovery timelines for an ACL surgery as a result of a sports or another injury is generally similar for most people. Full recovery generally takes about 6 months. This involves returning your knee to a pre-injury condition with stability and a full range of motion in the knee joint. Recovery timelines may vary depending on your personal anatomy and condition. 

There are several stages involved in the path to recovery. There are recommended activities for each stage that can help you heal quickly and return to regular activity. You can aid your recovery by following the doctor’s instructions completely. Many people can resume low-impact exercises and activities within 1 – 2 months of the ACL surgery. However, full recovery generally takes several months. 

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Here is the average recovery process following an ACL procedure:

Recovery Begins Immediately

Your body will kick in the healing mode on the day of the surgery. You can aid the process by following doctor’s instructions. You will be taught stretching and strengthening exercises which will help you achieve normal activity as soon as possible. Cold compression therapy is known to help in the first few days of the surgery. 

Cryotherapy helps in reducing pain and swelling. Simultaneous compression enhances the benefits of cold therapy. It brings vital nutrients and freshly oxygenated blood to damaged skin and tissues. You should consider elevating the injured area above the level of heart for reducing swelling. 

Crutches are required for the first 2 weeks following a surgery. You may need to wear braces for another month once the crutches are gone. It’s vital to attend all physical therapy sessions in the first few weeks. Most patients resume walking and other light exercises within a month.

Full Healing Takes Time

Most healing following an ACL surgery occurs in the first few weeks. Your muscles will become stronger as you learn more exercises and the intensity of your physical therapy is increased. You may want to continue compression therapy to increase swelling. The initial months following an ACL surgery have their challenges, especially where athletes are concerned. 

Pain and swelling may disappear easily, but you would need to limit activity till the knee tissues have healed completely. Increasing intensity or adding too much activity can result in reinjury. This may prolong the recovery process unnecessarily. You should work with your physical therapist for finding the right balance between rest and activity in the initial months following an ACL surgery. 

In general, it takes 2 – 9 months for long-term rehabilitation. Most people cannot resume their regular activities for at least 6 months. Recovering from ACL surgery can be challenging. You should remain committed to physical therapy if you want to quickly resume normal activity. Don’t forget to follow all instructions provided by your surgeon.

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