How Long Can I Walk Unassisted After Total Knee Replacement?

How Long Can I Walk Unassisted After Total Knee Replacement?, TPL Orthopedics and Sports MedicineIt’s normal for you to want to get back on your feet quickly after a knee replacement surgery. Regular exercise can be helpful in restoring your strength and improving a full range of motion. This will help you return to the activities you love sooner. Placing too much strain on the healing knee can create post-operative pain and swelling. 

Board certified orthopedic surgeons will explain everything about the procedure, including how far to walk following a knee replacement. Patients naturally want to know when they can walk following a knee replacement. Full recovery from knee replacement can take anywhere from 6 months to an entire year.

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Here are a few common time frames, even though everyone’s recovery will occur at a difference pace:

Three weeks after surgery

You will be discharged three weeks after the surgery. Your surgeon will encourage you to use assistive devices during this period to regain strength and mobility in your legs. They will ask you to consult with a physiotherapist for exercises that will improve flexibility and strengthen your quadriceps, hamstring, and calf. The goal is to get your knees to a point where you can bend it to 120 degrees. You should be flexible enough to get in and out, or on and off, of chairs, sofas, and car seats. 

4 – 6 weeks after surgery

You would be able to walk for 10 minutes without any assisted devices within 4 – 6 weeks of the procedure. You shouldn’t need cane, crutches, walker, and other assistive devices. Your physical therapist will encourage you to walk without an assistive device for longer distances gradually. You should be able to start driving again if your doctor clears you. 

8 – 12 weeks following surgery

Typical programs for physical therapy last for 8 to 12 weeks. By this time, you would be able to walk several blocks at a time. Your surgeon may even encourage you to pick up hobbies, such as cycling or swimming. The doctor may permit you for performing modified activities, such as dancing, yoga, and golf. 

You should not deter from your walking schedule once the therapy program ends around 12 weeks. You should also challenge yourself gradually for walking increased durations and distances.

12 months after surgery

You will continue making progress for an entire year following the knee replacement surgery. Your knee would have attained complete strength by this time. You should be able to resume most activities by this time. Stemming from this, you would continue making additional improvements for up to 2 years following the knee replacement procedure

Walking is among the most highly recommended exercises following a knee replacement. It can help you regain your independence. You should use a cane or walker for as long as prescribed and then try and walk around unassisted.

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