Common Shoulder Problems

Shoulder Problems

Common Shoulder Problems, TPL Orthopedics and Sports MedicineShoulder is comprised of several joints, tendons, and muscles that allow for a wide range of motion in the arm region. You can do everything from throwing the perfect pitch to scratching your back. However, mobility comes at a price. It may lead to impingement or instability in the bony structure or soft tissue in the shoulder, causing pain.

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Bursae are fluid-filled small sized sacs located in the joints all over the body. This includes the shoulders as well. Excessive use of the shoulder may result in swelling or inflammation of the bursa between the acromion and the rotator cuff. Acromion is a part of the shoulder blade. This can result in a condition called subacromial bursitis.


Tendons are cords connecting the bone to the muscle. Tendonitis is usually a result of inflammation. It is usually of two types:

  • Acute: Excessive ball throwing or any other overhead activities during sport and work can cause acute tendonitis
  • Chronic: Degenerative diseases, such as repetitive wear and tear, and arthritis can cause chronic tendinitis

Tendon Tears

Tearing and splitting of tendons can result from degenerative changes or acute injury in the tendons because of long-term overuse, advancing age, sudden injury, and wear and tear. These tears can cause partial or complete separation of the tendons from the bone. In case of complete tears, the tendon is completely pulled away from the bone attachment. Bicep tendon and rotator cuff injuries are among common injuries.


Shoulder impingement takes place when the acromion or the top of the shoulder blade places pressure on the underlying soft tissue when the arm is being lifted away from the body. The acromion impinges or rubs against the bursa and rotator cuff tendons as the arm is lifted. This may cause tendinitis and bursitis, which may limit movement and cause pain.


Shoulder instability takes place when the upper arm bone head is forced out of the shoulder socket. This can take place because of overuse or sudden injury. Shoulder dislocation can be partial too. This is when the upper arm ball comes out of the socket partially in a condition known as subluxation. The ball is completely out of the socket in a complete dislocation.


Shoulder pain can happen because of arthritis. There are several types of this condition, with the most common being osteoarthritis. It is also known as wear and tear arthritis. Swelling, stiffness, pain and other symptoms can begin during middle age. Osteoarthrosis worsens with time and develops more gradually.


Fractures are basically broken bones. Shoulder fractures involve the humerus (upper arm bone), clavicle (collarbone), and scapula (shoulder blade). They are often caused by a fall from standing height. Fractures are common in contact sports injury and motor vehicle accidents as well. They result in swelling, severe pain, and bruising around the shoulder.

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