Ankle Surgery Recovery

Ankle Surgery Recovery, TPL Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
Ankle Surgery Recovery

Following ankle surgery, the patient will take some time to recover. Depending on the extent of surgery performed and patient’s natural ability to heal, the recovery period may slightly vary from one patient to another. In general, patients with the fastest recovery times are those who plan for their recovery in advance and follow the instructions of surgeon diligently.

Dr. Steven Thomas is a board certified orthopedic surgeon, who along with highly experienced orthopedic surgeon Dr. Gregory Bigler, performs ankle surgeries for patients in Las Vegas, NV and surrounding communities.

Preparing for Recovery

Prior to the ankle surgery, the patient may acquire the mobility devices that may be required, and practice with them in the days preceding the procedure. The patient may discuss with family and friends to identify someone who may help them with the daily chores in the first few days of recovery. Driving may not be advisable for the first few weeks, so contact numbers of a few local cab companies may be noted in advance.

Arrangements with the employer regarding sick leave should be made well in time. The patient may also discuss the possibility of working remotely from home. In a majority of cases, the patient may have to stay away from work for about two months. The operating surgeon will advise various precautions that must be observed during the recovery. These should be noted and followed carefully.

Adequate Rest and Sleep

Sufficient rest and sleep will limit the strain that the patient would be putting on the treated ankle. Sleep is restorative for the body, and will promote physical healing around the bone and tissue. The surgeon will advise when the foot or ankle is in a position to bear weight. Until then, the patient should refrain from putting weight on the ankle.

When the patient finds it hard to relax, they may perform deep breathing exercises, meditation or use other relaxation techniques of their choice. Board certified orthopedic surgeon Dr. Thomas along with Dr. Bigler provides advanced ankle surgery procedures to patients in Las Vegas, Nevada.


For the first few days after the ankle surgery, the patient will be required to keep the leg elevated for most part. Ideally, the ankle should be kept above the waist to reduce swelling from blood circulation. Ice packs can also help to reduce swelling. Some patients use a cold circulation unit instead of ice packs.

Wound Dressing

The bandage or plaster cast should not be removed by the patient on their own. The bandage will absorb discharge from the incision, and some spotting is normal. However, if spotting spreads quickly, the patient must get in touch with the surgeon promptly. The surgeon’s instructions should be followed for cleaning the incision area once the bandage has been removed.


A bath tub is preferable to a shower because the patient will have better control over the water flow. It is important to prevent the cast or bandages from getting wet. The leg should be waterproofed by using some plastic bags or a medical water sealant bag and the patient may simply hold it out of the water while bathing for the first week.

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