Ankle Injuries: Causes and Treatments

Ankle Injuries

Ankle Injuries: Causes and Treatments, TPL Orthopedics and Sports MedicineAnkle injuries can occur at any age. Anyone in their everyday life can twist their ankle and sustain an injury. Even basic activities such as walking on an uneven surface can cause a debilitating, painful sprain. People who are actively involved in sports are at a higher risk of ankle injuries.

Board certified orthopedic surgeons Dr. Steven Thomas and Dr. Gregory Bigler provide state of the art treatments for ankle injuries. Patients in Las Vegas, Nevada and other cities and neighborhoods in this part of The Silver State have an opportunity to receive treatments from them.

Causes of Ankle Injuries

An ankle injury may occur if the ankle joint gets twisted too far out of its natural position. Some of the most common causes of ankle injuries are walking or running on an uneven surface or performing a sports activity. These activities can force the ankle and foot into an unnatural position.

An unnatural ankle position can also occur if a person wears high heeled shoes. Loose fitting sands or clogs may also add to the risk of injuring the ankle. Apart from these reasons, ankle injuries may occur due to:

  • Falling or tripping
  • Walking or running on uneven ground
  • Landing in a wrong position upon jumping
  • Rolling the ankle
  • Rotating or twisting the ankle
  • Sustaining a forceful impact such as a car crash


Ankle Fractures

Both surgical and non-surgical treatments may be used to treat ankle fractures, depending on the severity of the injury. If the bones are still in their place, the ankle is still stable, and only one ankle bone is broken, the surgeon may choose to treat the fracture without surgery by making the ankle immobile. A cast or a brace may be applied to work as a splint.

Surgery may become necessary if the ankle has become unstable. A metal place and screws may have to be surgically placed to restore ankle stability. Following the surgery, the ankle will be protected with a splint to allow for full recovery. Thereafter, a cast may be applied.

It will take about six weeks for the fractured ankle bones to heal. The patient may be required to keep the body weight off the ankle during the healing phase to ensure correct alignment of the bones.

Ankle Sprains

Treatment of ankle sprains may be decided according to the nature of injury. In exceptional cases, where the damage involves more than the ligaments and non-surgical options have not worked, surgery may be recommended. However, mild sprains can be treated with the RICE approach. A cast or splint will not be necessary.

Moderate or severe sprains may also require RICE protocol, but the patient will need more time to heal. A boot or a splint may sometimes be used to immobilize the ankle. The surgeon may recommend physical therapy to support the recovery.

Board certified orthopedic surgeons Dr. Bigler and Dr. Thomas receive patients from Las Vegas, Nevada and other areas for state of the art treatments such as ankle injuries and various other procedures related to the ankles, knees, and shoulder joints.

If you would like to schedule an appointment or learn more about the Knee and Shoulder Institute procedures & treatments performed by Las Vegas, Nevada board certified surgeons Steven C. Thomas, MD and Gregory T. Bigler, MD. call (702) 933-9393; Physical Therapy (702) 933-9393.

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