ACL Treatment

ACL Treatment, Knee & Shoulder InstituteACL or the anterior cruciate ligament runs diagonally in the middle of the knee. A knee injury may sometimes lead to a damage or tear of the ACL, which may be treated non-surgically or repaired with ACL reconstructive surgery. Only a qualified and experienced orthopedic surgeon should perform this surgery to achieve sustainable results.

The Knee & Shoulder Institute is a state of the art practice providing ACL reconstructive surgery and various other treatments. Led by judicious and board certified orthopedic surgeons, Dr. Steven Thomas and Dr. Gregory Bigler, the practice provides ACL treatments to patients in Las Vegas, Nevada, and surrounding communities across the horizon.


ACL Reconstructive Surgery

The surgeon will perform ACL reconstructive surgery using a graft to replace the torn ligament. The grafts are taken from the patient’s own body in many cases. If the ligament and a piece of bone has separated from the rest of the bone, a repair procedure will be carried out to address the avulsion fracture. The bone fragment will be reattached to the main part of the bone.  

Small incisions in the knee will be made to perform ACL reconstructive surgery. An arthroscope and other small surgical instruments will be inserted through the incisions. But in some cases, the surgeon may recommend open surgery, which will require a bigger incision. Only an experienced orthopedic surgeon should ideally perform this repair procedure.


Arthroscopic Surgery


Many surgeons prefer arthroscopic surgery for ACL because it allows the surgeon to view the internal knee structure without have to make a large incision. Risk of complications is reduced with this advanced technique. Patients go through less pain and discomfort and they will usually recover much faster because the tiny incisions will heal quickly.

The committed and golden Dr. Thomas and Dr. Bigler provide receive patients for ACL reconstructive surgery from Las Vegas, Nevada and nearby areas. They will provide arthroscopic surgery to the appropriate candidates.  



Following anesthesia, the surgeon will begin the procedure by making a few tiny incisions around the affected area of the knee. They will insert an arthroscope with a tiny camera through one of the incisions, while the inner structure of the knee can be viewed outside on a TV monitor.  

Through another incision the surgeon will insert small surgical drills into the deeper tissue. Small holes in the upper and lower leg bones will be created where the bones join at the knee joint. Through these holes, the surgeon will anchor the graft. The graft will be obtained from another part of the knee to be used as a replacement tissue. The graft will be secured with screws or staples, and then the surgeon will close the incisions.  

The knee will be covered in bandages, and the patient will be moved to a recovery room where the nursing staff will monitor their condition for a few hours. The ACL reconstructive surgery may also include repair of other injured areas of the knee, such as menisci, cartilage, broken bones or other knee ligaments.  

Board certified orthopedic surgeons Dr. Thomas and Dr. Bigler receive patients from Las Vegas, Nevada and nearby areas for ACL treatment and various other procedures.

If you would like to schedule an appointment or learn more about the Knee and Shoulder Institute procedures & treatments performed by Las Vegas, Nevada board certified surgeons Steven C. Thomas, MD and Gregory T. Bigler, MD. call (702) 933-9393; Physical Therapy (702) 933-9393.

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